PD Dr. med. dent. Tobias Tauböck

Head Division of Cariology

Contact: E-Mail: tobias.tauboeck@zzm.uzh.ch
Qualifications: PD Dr. med. dent.
Affiliation: Clinic of Preventive Dentistry, Periodontology and Cariology

Clinical Specialisations

  • Preventive and Operative Dentistry
  • Endodontology

Research Interests

  • Basic research on bioactive «smart» dental materials
  • Shrinkage kinetics of resin composites and strategies to counteract polymerization-induced shrinkage stresses
  • Polymerization characteristics and biocompatibility of resin-based biomaterials
  • Prevention and minimally invasive restoration of erosive/abrasive tooth wear

Selected publications

Wiegand A, Credé A, Tschammler C, Attin T, Tauböck TT (2017)
Enamel wear by antagonistic restorative materials under erosive conditions.
Clin Oral Investig [Epub ahead of print]

Tauböck TT, Tarle Z, Marovic D, Attin T (2015)
Pre-heating of high-viscosity bulk-fill resin composites: Effects on shrinkage force and monomer conversion.
J Dent 43(11): 1358-1364

Tauböck TT, Zehnder M, Schweizer T, Stark WJ, Attin T, Mohn D (2014)
Functionalizing a dentin bonding resin to become bioactive.
Dent Mater 30(8): 868-875

Tauböck TT, Feilzer AJ, Buchalla W, Kleverlaan CJ, Krejci I, Attin T (2014)
Effect of modulated photo-activation on polymerization shrinkage behavior of dental restorative resin composites.
Eur J Oral Sci 122(4): 293-302

Ferrari R, Attin T, Wegehaupt FJ, Stawarczyk B, Tauböck TT (2012)
The effects of internal tooth bleaching regimens on composite-to-composite bond strength.
J Am Dent Assoc 143(12): 1324-1331

Tauböck TT, Oberlin H, Buchalla W, Roos M, Attin T (2011)
Comparing the effectiveness of self-curing and light curing in polymerization of dual-cured core buildup materials.
J Am Dent Assoc 142(8): 950-956


Publications in ZORA (Zurich Open Repository and Archive)