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Center for Dental Medicine

PD Dr. med. dent. Dan-Krister Rechenberg

Senior Assistant, Endodontology

PD Dr. med. dent. Dan-Krister Rechenberg
Contact: E-Mail:
Qualifications: PD Dr. med. dent.
Affiliation: Clinic of Conservative and Preventive Dentistry

Clinical Specialisations


Research Interests

The main research focus emphasis on diagnostics of pulpal and periapical disease employing molecular markers. Other priorities include the improvement and assessment of root canal disinfection, obturation and dental filling materials.    

Selected publications

Rechenberg DK, Galicia JC, Peters OA. Biological Markers for Pulpal Inflammation.
PLoS One. Nov 29;11(11):e0167289 (2016)

Rechenberg DK, Bostanci N, Zehnder M, Belibasakis GN. Periapical fluid RANKL and IL-8 are differentially regulated in pulpitis and apical periodontitis.
Cytokine 69:116-9 (2014)

Rechenberg DK, Held U, Burgstaller JM, Bosch G, Attin T. Pain levels and typical symptoms of acute endodontic infections: a prospective, observational study.
BMC Oral Health. 16:61 (2016)

Rechenberg DK, Thurnheer T, Zehnder M. Potential systematic error in laboratory experiments on microbial leakage through filled root canals: experimental study.
Int Endod J 44: 827-35 (2011)

Zehnder M, Rechenberg DK, Thurnheer T, Lüthi-Schaller H, Belibasakis GN. FISHing for gutta-percha-adhered biofilms in purulent post-treatment apical periodontitis.
Mol Oral Microbiol. DOI: 10.1111/omi.12166 (2016)

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