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Center for Dental Medicine

Fixed prosthodontics

The Center of Dental Medicine at the University of Zurich has a rich history of clinical, preclinical and in vitro research in the field of fixed prosthodontics. With our strong commitment to further develop clinical procedures while maintaining high quality, our research efforts aim to improve and simplify treatment approaches. We emphasize patient-centered care and aim for minimally invasive treatment solutions. In pursuit of these goals, we extensively employ and investigate digital technologies at various stages of a prosthetic workflow.

Our research focuses on the use of digital and conventional tools for diagnostics, enabling effective communication with patients and facilitating prosthetic case planning. We also focus on the use of computer-assisted methods, including robotics, for the precise preparation of teeth. In addition, we explore the efficiency of digital impressions and the use of subtractive and additive manufacturing technologies to fabricate restorations.

In addition, our research activities extend to long-term patient follow-up to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the outcomes and effectiveness of our treatments. By combining cutting-edge technology, meticulous research and a patient-centered approach, we are constantly seeking to improve fixed prosthetics and revolutionize the field.

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