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Center for Dental Medicine


Tumor Oxygenation

For many years it has been known that hypoxic tumours have a significantly worse prognosis due to poorer loco regional control and a propensity to disseminate early. Individualising patients according to their risk base is the aim of any oncological centre. The main goal of this project is to determine the oxygenation of a tumour or the lack thereof (hypoxia) in an non-invasive way and to be able to predict the biological behaviour of a tumour and develop treatment strategies that will cope with hypoxic tumour scenarios at best.

Research Staff

Dr. Marius Bredell

Implant survival in radiated and non-radiated head and neck patients

Implants are a critical part of the masticatory rehabilitation of patients after ablative head and neck surgery as well as radiotherapy. The survival rates of implants in these patients are often less than 70%, compared to over 95% found in non-radiated patients. Primary goal of this study is the development and adaption of a low risk protocol to ensure long term success of implants with stable, functional results. Current endeavours also integrate computer based planning in the treatment protocol to ensure optimal implant placement.

Research Staff

PD Dr. Dr. Astrid Kruse

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