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Center for Dental Medicine

Prof. Dr. rer nat. Franz E. Weber

Extraordinarius: Craniofacial and Oral Biotechnology

Contact: E-Mail:
Qualifications: PhD, PD, Oral Biology, Biology and Biochemistry
Affiliation: Oral Surgery

Research Interests

In cranio-maxillofacial and oral surgery the substitution of a mandible to restore resections of tumors for example, still poses a great challenge. To overcome this problem our oral Biotechnology and Bioengineering laboratory works on the development of new osteoconductive bone substitute materials and their combination with osteoinductive bone morphogenetic proteins, and epigenetically active small molecules. Based on our capabilities to design and produce ceramic based scaffolds with additive manufacturing, we try to unravel the essence of osteoconduction as important driving force of bone regeneration. The materials we use and develop range from degradable polylactide based materials, to natural and synthetic hydrogels, like fibrin and polyethylenglycol-(PEG)-based hydrogels, to titanium and ceramic based scaffolds produced in a patient specific shape by additive manufacturing. The delivery of osteoinductive bone morphogenetic proteins, including epigenetically active enhancers of bone morphogenetic proteins and degradable, bioactive guided bone regeneration membranes are other fields of expertise of our laboratory. Moreover, we work on the regeneration of the pulp using natural and synthetic hydrogels and diverse factors with the aim to extend the lifetime of teeth.

Selected publications

Ivica A, Zehnder M, Mateos JM, Ghayor C, and Weber FE (2019) Biomimetic Conditioning of Human Dentin Using Citric Acid.
Int Endod J. 45: 45-50

Ghayor C & Weber FE (2018) Osteoconductive microarchitecture of bone substitutes for bone regeneration revisited.
Front. Physiol. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2018.00960

Ghayor C., Gjoksi B., Dong J., Siegenthaler B., Caflisch A., Weber FE (2017) N,N Dimethylacetamide a drug excipient that acts as bromodomain ligand for osteoporosis treatment.
Scientific Reports Feb 8;7:42108

de Wild M, Zimmermann S, Rüegg J, Schumacher R, Fleischmann T, Ghayor C, Weber FE (2016) Influence of microarchitecture on osteoconduction and mechanics of porous titanium scaffolds generated by selective laser melting
3D printing + Additve manufacturing, 3(3): 143-151

Karfeld-Sulzer L.S., Ghayor C., Siegenthaler B., de Wild M., Leroux J.-C., Weber FE (2015) N-methyl Pyrrolidone/Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Double Delivery with In Situ Forming Implants
Journal of Controlled Release. 203C: 181-188.

Sala A, Hänseler P, Ranga A, Lutolf MP, Vörös J, Ehrbar M, Weber FE. (2011). Engineering 3D cell instructive microenvironments by rational assembly of artificial extracellular matrices and cell patterning.
Integr. Biol. 3 (11):1102 – 1111

Lutolf MP, Weber FE, Schmoekel HG, Schense JC, Kohler T, Müller R and JA Hubbell (2003). Repair of bone defects using synthetic mimetics of collagenous extracellular matrices.
Nature Biotechnol. 21: 513-518

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