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Center for Dental Medicine

Clinic of Reconstructive Dentistry

The Clinic of Reconstructive Dentistry has the overall aim to improve clinical therapy and dental materials in the area of prosthetic dentistry, material technology, dental implantology and tissue regeneration for the patient’s benefit. This concept is based on the combination of the developments in basic science and preclinical and clinical research activity. Great care is taken to thrive research forward on an interdisciplinary level including national and international collaborations with research institutes and universities.

Due to imminent changes within the dental community and the increasing demand for new technologies and improvements in the dental workflow, the clinic has strengthened its focus in digital technologies and solutions in various fields. This includes prosthetics, dental technologies and dental implantology. The development of new materials such as zirconia had a significant influence on most recent research activities. Through the development and improvement of digital scanners and milling machines, this material was made available in the clinic in various fields. The clinic has been a strong partner in collaboration with universities and private companies to push research forward.

In implant dentistry, clinical concepts are constantly changing based on new knowledge gained through evidence-based data. The clinic is strongly involved in various fields and provides and performs high level preclinical and clinical trials applying new materials and technologies as well as new concepts to meet patients’ demands and enhance patients’ benefits in the future. This includes research activities for alternative devices in bone and hard tissue augmentation, the so-called field of tissue engineering, new implant materials and designs and long-term follow-up of patients treated and maintained at the clinic.

The research interests in the field of dental materials science mainly focus on improving the durability of dental materials used in reconstructive dentistry, finding solutions to clinical failures as well as development of new biomaterials. Especially in the field of minimal invasive adhesive dentistry, current research concentrates on improving hydrolytical durability and avoiding biodegradation of adhesive interfaces. Also, laboratory-testing conditions are being optimized with better translational significance in an attempt to diminish clinical failures.

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