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Center for Dental Medicine

Gerodontology and Special care dentistry

The research interests in the field of Gerodontology and special care dentistry mainly focus on the oral health of community-dwelling/institutionalized older adults and those with special needs. Current research revolves around prevention and minimally-invasive restorative concepts for the older adults, dental implant therapy in the elderly edentates, and the clinical applications of CAD-CAM technology in removable prosthodontics and in geriatric dentistry. We conduct qualitative, clinical-, and laboratory studies. We work in close collaboration with various dental, medical, and basic science disciplines, and with various national and international university research groups.


  • Oral health and nutrition in older adults
  • Qualitative research
  • Prevention of root caries
  • Atraumatic restorative treatment (ART)
  • Dental implant therapy in elderly edentates
  • CAD-CAM complete dentures

Research Staff

Murali Srinivasan, Prof. Dr. med. dent., BDS, MDS, MBA, MAS, PD
Nitschke Ina, Prof. Dr. med. dent., MPH
Nicolas Fankhauser, Dr. med. dent.
Innocenzo Bronzino, med. dent.
Lisa Takeshita, med. dent.
Marie-Laure Grandjean, HD ES, CAS
Philipp Allenspach, med. dent.
Stephan Baumgartner, med. dent.
Francesco Grande, med. dent.
Mila Ivanov, med. dent.
Daniel Jankovic, med. dent.
Porawit Kamnoedboon, DDS.
Elena Mschael, med. dent.
Dusit Nantanapiboon, DDS.
Arnold Nrecaj, med. dent.
Marion Penzenstalder, med. dent.
Jakob Pincus, med. dent.
Samuel Sturzenegger, med. dent.
Mark Solomons, med. dent.
David Thalmann, med. dent.
Géraldine Vetsch, med. dent.
Elena van der Heijden, lic. phil.

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