Computer-assisted surgery

Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) in Oral and Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery

The complex three-dimensional geometry and the requirement for a precise facial symmetry are the main challenges in reconstructive maxillofacial surgery. The project therefore focuses not only on the technical parts of Computer Assisted Surgery as e.g. preoperative planning techniques and precision in surgical navigation with its key element of patient registration, but also on clinical guidelines for specific indications and postoperative evaluation of the achieved results.

Research Staff

PD Dr. Dr. Theo Lübbers

Coating of Dental Implants by Biological Components

The osseointegration of dental implants by the surrounding bone tissue is the basis for implant stability and implant success. The implant surface structure influences this process of osseous healing. The extracellular marix (ECM) represents the natural surrounding of an implant in bone. By the coating of implant surfaces with components of the ECM, a rather physiological stimulation of peri-implant bone formation can be achieved. This is of special interest in locally or systemically compromised bone areas that demand a stimulation in bone formation in order to enable high impalnt rates. In an interdisciplinary approach, we pre-clinically analyse bone formation by different means in order to understand the infleunce of single ECM components on bone formation.  

Research Staff

Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Stadlinger